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Temporary services on construction sites

Before work can begin on a construction site, whether a big or small project, a number of services must be temporarily set up. This is in addition to the permanent services that will be required for the completed development and temporary site facilities that are required for the welfare of workers.

The development of temporary site services should be part of the site layout plans. These are prepared by contractors as part of their mobilisation activities before work on site commences. See Site layout plan for more information.

These services might include:

  • A constant and reliable electricity supply. Fitness for purpose and safety must be ensured by fully testing and certifying electricity installations. Site offices and welfare units are likely to require a high concentration of electricity supply, but other, perhaps more isolated areas of a site may also need supplying.
  • Water distribution and drainage. The CDM Regulations stipulate that sanitary conveniences, washing facilities and drinking water must be provided on a site.
  • In order that construction work can continue effectively and safely in periods of insufficient natural light, it is important that a site is supplied with suitable artificial lighting. Lighting can be used internally for general movement and working on the site itself, externally for illuminating entry, storage and circulation areas, and can also be an effective form of deterrent for trespassers. Depending on the requirements of the site, an appropriate lighting plan should be drawn up. For more information, see Lighting of construction sites.
  • If the site is big enough to require site offices, there will need to be an internet connection, WiFi, a local area network, telephones and so on.
  • Perimeter security may include electric fences, buried cable detection systems, alarms, closed-loop systems, CCTV, microwave, infrared or radar sensors and so on.

It may be necessary to locate and connect to or divert existing services on the site.

It may be necessary to arrange for the supply of services with utilities companies.

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