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Six important 3D exterior rendering tips for impactful outcomes

The architectural sector has undergone a revolution with the advent of animation, virtual reality (VR), and other advances in the digital domain. With 3D exterior rendering, it is possible to produce realistic images that mimic images captured by a high-resolution DSLR camera.


[edit] Checklist for ensuring the creation of perfect 3D exterior rendering outcomes

This checklist may guide on how to achieve the best design outcomes through 3D exterior rendering;

[edit] 1) The sun’s position should complement the rendering

To make the renders realistic, the Sun’s position should perfectly complement the exteriors. The sun’s position should be such that the natural lighting would appear to be optimum, neither more nor less.

[edit] 2) Position the shadows naturally

For the exterior to look realistic and compelling, the shadows of objects should be aligned with the direction of sunlight. You can enhance the realistic appeal further by adding shadows of objects, such as tree branches, which are not visible in the render. Never position the shadow squarely behind if the angle of the incident sunlight is 45 degrees. Incline the shadows slightly.

[edit] 3) Add the sky

Adding the sky while complementing the look and feel of the exterior house design can be really challenging. Never make the clouds resemble those shown in cartoons. The sky should mix seamlessly with the building’s skyline. It is better to keep the sky light-blue without clouds. If you want to portray a rainy day, use slightly-faded dark clouds with the sun concealed behind them.

[edit] 4) Manipulate the reflections on glass very carefully

If glass panes are present on windows, pay attention to the reflections on them. Error-free rendering of reflections adds realism. Add cloud-domes to show the background in the panorama.

[edit] 5) Add vegetation

Make a simple house exterior design appear more lively by adding 2D and 3D vegetation elements in the foreground and background. With 3D vegetation, depth can be added to the renders. Use different vegetation patterns and colours for getting a layering effect.

[edit] 6) Add vehicles for urban setups

If the architectural renders need to be set in urban backgrounds, vehicles should be added to the scene. Increase realism by adding reflections on windows, license numbers on vehicle plates, and passengers within cars.

[edit] Tips for ensuring the creation of perfect 3D exterior rendering outcomes

Make sure that any requirements are outsourced to a reliable 3D rendering company to add value and get the required outcomes. Here are a few tips to help streamline the search process:

Share requirements with the company and seek the price quotation. Browse through samples of previous works to get an idea of the quality of architectural 3D rendering outcomes. Ask for references and enquire from them if the company respects deadlines and if it maintains a high standard of customer service.

Check past projects for accuracy of details, realism in lighting, texturing, viewing angles, and resolution.

  • Look for uniqueness and creativity

Check if the 3D visualization projects that the company had delivered earlier had generated unique and creative outcomes. Check if the central theme of the project got reflected accurately in those outcomes.

  • Check to maintain seamless communication

The company must remain reachable round-the-clock via different means such as phone, email, text, IM, etc. Sort out issues related to time zone differences and make sure that the company is highly committed to meeting deadlines.

  • Evaluate the degree of cost-effectiveness of the proposal

If the outcomes delivered by a company are of superlative quality, the fees would be more. However, the charges must not be exorbitant. Seek quotations from different companies to get an idea of what an ideal price should be. This way, it is possible to select the best service provider that will offer a suitable package based on your budget.

To sum up, always look for an outsourced 3D exterior rendering company that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality work. Reputed service providers would maintain smooth communication throughout the project, would always remain ready to deliver revised versions based on feedback, and would respect deadlines.

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