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Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network MBEKTN

The Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network (MBEKTN) is an open and free to join network for practitioners in the urban living sectors. It is part of the Innovate UK network, created to help share best practice, link funders to finance seekers, inspire collaboration, showcase opportunities and bring businesses closer to research bases, bigger tier operators and opportunities outside the sector.

MBEKTN is funded by Innovate UK (previously the Technology Strategy Board), the UK's innovation agency, which funds, supports and connects innovative businesses.

The role of MBEKTN is to:

  • Transfer knowledge and create new partnerships with private and public sector stakeholders for process and product development.
  • Encourage and promote innovation in technological fields which can offer the UK maximum benefits to enhance productivity and continue progressive growth.
  • Ensure individuals, groups and schemes involved in developing and exploiting new advances are connected and collaborative efforts.
  • Offer clear guidance regarding matters that hinder innovative energy technology use at all stages across the innovation timeline.
  • Engage and facilitate members to be active, to increase the number of partnerships, to help develop and exploit the latest innovations in the built environment.
  • Provide a platform for a cohesive voice from the industry to inform government decision makers and the private investment community.
  • Supply advice to the public and private sectors on the different support schemes available to the researchers and the industry as a whole.

Members of the Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network receive:

  • Invitations to events and workshops including partnership brokerage events for various funding calls.
  • Forums and debates to discuss recent developments in order to influence the agenda and future activities.
  • Access to important research taking place in the UK.
  • Access to potential business links and new technologies.
  • Newsletters.
  • Announcements about competitions and funding.
  • The chance to get involved with specialist groups.
  • An interactive web portal that provides access to relevant industry knowledge and the opportunity to interact and network with fellow MBEKTN members.

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