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BREEAM Impact of refrigerants


[edit] Aim and benefits

To reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions arising from refrigerants leaking in the development.

[edit] What's the problem with refrigerants?

[edit] When to consider

At the pre-assessment, it's useful to establish:

- Will there be refrigerants? Will they likely have more than 6kg charge in each unit?

- Are there any plans to use a very low GWP refrigerants?

- Are we planning to have chillers? or a VRF system?

[edit] Step by step guidance


[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance


[edit] Tools and resources


[edit] Tips and best practice

Frequently, your M&E engineer may well nod along that these credits are all achievable. Please consider:

- DELC <100 or GWP <10 -- Unless you're using a "strange" system with refrigerants such as ammonia, water -- you probably won't achieve these credits. Less than 1000 however, is relatively OK if you use R134a/R32 or something similar.

- You probably (as of Jan 2018) won't find a leak detection system for a VRF system, only if you have centralised chillers.

[edit] Typical evidence


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