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Approved Document H

The first set of national building standards was introduced in 1965. Now known as the building regulations, they set out:

  • What qualifies as 'building work' and so fall under the control of the regulations.
  • What types of buildings are exempt (such as temporary buildings).
  • The notification procedures that must be followed when starting, carrying out, and completing building work.
  • Requirements for specific aspects of building design and construction.

The 'approved documents' provide guidance for how the building regulations can be satisfied in common building situations. There is no obligation to adopt the solutions presented in the approved documents, the building regulations can be satisfied in other ways.

Approved Document H: drainage and waste disposal, was last published in 2015.

It provides guidance on providing adequate drainage, and also deals with pollution prevention, sewage infrastructure and maintenance. Technical design guidance covers sanitary pipework, foul drainage, rainwater drainage and disposal, wastewater treatment, and discharges and cesspools.

The content of the Approved Document includes:

  • Requirement H1: Foul water drainage – Contains guidance on sanitary pipework, foul drainage, repairs, alterations and discontinued use of drains and sewers, and adoption of sewers and connection to public sewers.
  • Requirement H2: Wastewater treatment systems and cesspools – Contains guidance on different types of system and maintenance.
  • Requirement H3: Rainwater drainage – Contains guidance on gutters and rainwater pipes, drainage of paved areas, surface water drainage, and oil separators.
  • Requirement H4: Building over existing sewers – Contains guidance on undue risk in the event of failure, maintaining access, protection of drain or sewer during construction and from settlement.
  • Requirement H5: Separate systems of drainage – Contains guidance on performance and introduction to provisions.
  • Requirement H6: Solid waste storage – Contains guidance on performance and relevant waste collection legislation.

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