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The London Plan

The London Plan is a statutory strategy required by the Greater London Authority Act 1999. The Act also sets out the general objectives for the Plan, the process for drawing it up, altering and replacing it.

It is prepared by the Mayor of London and published by the Greater London Authority. The first London Plan was published in 2004, replacing previous strategic planning guidance for London known as RPG3. It was updated in 2008 and then again in July 2011. The latest edition was published in March 2015 (see below).

The London Plan is a spatial development strategy setting out an economic, environmental, transport and social framework for the development of London to 2036. It is only intended to deal with things of strategic importance to Greater London.

Local plans prepared by the London boroughs should be in general conformity with the London Plan, and its policies guide decisions on planning applications by local planning authorities and the Mayor.

It is available to download on the website of the Greater London Authority (GLA) and includes:

The Mayor also publishes Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for London which provides additional details on policies set out in the London Plan. A range of Best Practice Guidance (BPG's) are also published.

Supplementary Planning Guidance is provided where the level of guidance required is too detailed for inclusion in the development plan, or if a rapid policy response to is needed to an emerging issue. It provides support for statutory development plans, but carries less weight than them when planning matters are considered and cannot create new policies.

Alterations were made to the Plan in September 2013 preventing boroughs from setting rent caps or targets for affordable rented homes in their local development frameworks. On 15 January 2014, the Mayor published Draft Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) for a twelve week period of consultation. The proposed changes were intended address key housing and employment issues.

On 10 March 2015, the Mayor adopted the Further Alterations to the London Plan as formal alterations to the London Plan. The London Plan was updated to incorporate these alterations and the alterations published in 2013.

Changes include:

On 29th November 2017, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan published a new Draft London Plan.

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