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Contract management

A contract is a promise or set of promises which the law will enforce.

Construction contracts typically relate to the supply of goods or services as part of the delivery of a built asset. Traditionally, suppliers might have been considered to be organisations contracted to provide physical supplies such as goods, materials, plant and so on, however, PAS 1192-2 now defines a supplier as any, ‘…provider of services or goods either directly to the employer or to another supplier in a supply chain’. The 'supply chain' is the interconnected hierarchy of suppliers.

Construction contracts are generally standard forms, modified standard forms or bespoke.

Contract management is the process of managing contracts that are made as part of the delivery of a built asset. It involves the creation, analysis and execution of contracts by the parties to those contracts to ensure operational and financial performance is maximised, and risks are minimised.

Contract management can categorised into three phases:

A contract manager might be identified to manage one, or several contracts, or to work as part of a team of contract managers. On large, complex projects, involving several contracts (such as a construction management project) a consultant might be appointed to perform the role of contract manager.

This role might include:

Contract managers should:

An effective contract management strategy can bring a number for benefits to this process:

Contract management can be a complex process, which can be simplified with the use of contract management software. This can be particularly helpful for contract management involving multiple contracts and multiple parties, creating integrated systems for; document management, change control, relationship management, accounting, project management, contract administration, resource allocation and so on. Specialist software is available for different types of contract management, such as large contracts, small contracts, multiple contracts, civil engineering and so on.

NB Setting the bar. A new competence regime for building a safer future. The Final Report of the Competence Steering Group for Building a Safer Future, published in October 2020, suggests that contract management: ‘Is the process of systematically and efficiently managing contracts with suppliers to make sure all the terms of the contract are met, maximising operational and financial performance and minimising risk.’

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