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Certification under JCT 98

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[edit] Introduction

The duties, roles and contractual responsibilities during construction of:

[edit] Quantity Surveyor


  • To ensure that the correct amount is paid to the contractor at the correct time


Contractual responsibilities:


  1. Clause within 21 days of receipt of a Price Statement the Quantity Surveyor, after consultation with the Architect, shall notify the Contractor in writing either the Price Statement is accepted or not
  2. Clause where the Price Statement has not been accepted the Quantity Surveyor shall include in his notification to the Contractor the reasons for not having accepted the Price Statement and supply an amended Price Statement which is acceptable to the Quantity Surveyor after consultation with the architect


  1. Clause the Valuation shall be made by the Quantity Surveyor
  1. Clause [IP address hidden]: interim valuation shall be made by the Quantity Surveyor whenever the Architect considers them to be necessary for the purpose of ascertaining the amount to be stated as due in an interim certificate
  2. Clause 30.4A.1: the Architect shall at the date of each interim certificate prepare, or instruct the Quantity Surveyor to prepare, a statement specifying what deduction in respect of the Contractor's Retention and of the Nominated Sub-Contract retention for each Nominated Sub-contractor would have been made in arriving at the amount stated as due in such Interim Certificate
  1. Clause [IP address hidden]: Not later than 3 months after receipt by the Architect or by the Quantity Surveyor of the documents necessary for the purposes of the adjustment of the Contract Sum, the Quantity Surveyor shall prepare a statement of all adjustments to be made to the Contract Sum

[edit] Clerk of Works



[edit] Person in charge



Contractual responsibility

Describe the architect’s duties and responsibilities to inspect and certify works during the contract, up to and including the issue of the Final Certificate. Describe the procedures you would follow in discharging these duties. (8)


  1. before the work is covered up
  2. before issuing any certificate to ensure that the work has been properly executed

Interim Certificates

Certificate of Practical Completion

Failure to Complete

Certificate of Making Good Defects

Final Certificate

  • Clause30.8.1 the Architect shall issue the Final Certificate not later than 2 months after whichever of the following occurs last:
  1. The end of the Defects Liability Period
  2. The date of issue of the Certificate of Making Good Defects
  3. The date on which the Architect sent the Contractor a statement of all adjustments made to the Contract Sum

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