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BREEAM Maximum car parking capacity



[edit] Aim and benefits

This issue was established in order to encourage the use of alternative modes of transport (other than private cars) to and from one building, thereby helping to reduce transport-related emissions and traffic congestion associated with the building’s operation.

The aims of this issue are:

  • Reducing soil sealing
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reduction traffic congestion
  • Providing an efficient number of parking spaces

[edit] When to consider

Prefer to Locate a building in high density area, with a high quality transit.

In a rural area with no public transportation services, this issue is hard to achieve.

[edit] Step by step guidance


[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance


[edit] Tools and resources

BREEAM Knowledge base

[edit] Tips and best practice

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[edit] Typical evidence


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