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BREEAM Issue support document guidelines


[edit] Introduction

This article provides guidance for the creation of BREEAM Issue Support Documents BREEAM_Issue_support_document_guidelines(ISDs).

[edit] Aim of Issue Support Documents

ISDs aim to collate the collective expertise on how to successfully approach each individual BREEAM issue. In doing so the ISDs we hope will provide a library of constantly evolving current best practice and comprehensive diverse perspectives from all BREEAM stakeholders. ISDs aim to facilitate the dissemination of the most immediately useful information relating to BREEAM sustainability.

[edit] Title

The title of your ISD should include ‘BREEAM’ or ‘Home Quality Mark’ (etc) followed by the issue and/or (where relevant) the sub issue. Capitalise the first letter of the first word of the issue only, for example:

  • BREEAM Public transport accessibility
  • Home Quality Mark Smart homes

To maximise search engine optimisation (SEO), the ISD name should be a literal description of the subject and should avoid punctuation (which just adds more complexity and reduces SEO).

If you need to change a title after creating it you can’t do this yourself but if you email Designing Buildings (DB) via the contact link at the bottom, they will change it for you. Similarly if you want to delete an article. During the initial pre-population period we are assigning ISDs to individuals to author. Contact BREEAM directly or see the Assessor Forum for details.

[edit] Creating

To create an ISD, make sure you are logged in, then click the orange 'Create an article' button. Type in your title to check it doesn't already exist, then click on the link and your new, blank ISD will open ready for you to start typing or to paste existing text.

Click here for an ISD template to copy

[edit] Saving

Make sure you save your work regularly. Alternatively create the whole article in Word and paste it in. you can use ‘Paste as plain text’ or ‘Paste from Word’ buttons, with the latter some formatting will be retained

[edit] Scope

To avoid creating multiple versions of ISDs for each scheme or version we aim to accommodate all nuances into one article (where possible). So for example BREEAM Travel plan ISD would include all the schemes (many) to which it belongs. If we had one for each it would mean duplication of content and mean contributions would have to be made in multiple areas creating a deterrent. So be mindful of how best to make useful general points while also providing helpful nuances where required. The section 'Applicable schemes' stores this information (see below)

[edit] Section headings

Typical ISD section headings (not capitalised and formatted as 'Heading 1') are provided below along with some guidance for each section. For a document with just the titles (for copying) see here BREEAM Issue support document template - titles only

[edit] Aim and benefits

In some newer schemes value/benefits are listed. This section can refer to those and ‘crowdsource’ others

[edit] When to consider

Refer to RIBA stages here, potential for a standard infographic if considered useful

[edit] Step by step guidance

Likely to vary of course between schemes. How best to present this?

[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance

What questions help design teams and clients get straight to the heart of the issue? Which questions identify key aspects to address? Which questions facilitate meaningful action?

[edit] Tools and resources

Huge potential to provide a wealth of useful information here. Make use of hyperlinks to ease linking to the resource. Be nice if the most useful were indicated somehow (not sure how?)

[edit] Tips and best practice

Potentially the most useful section of all – the best wisdom of all stakeholders on how to address and achieve this issue.

There may be optional sub-headings here for:

  • From Assessors/APs
  • From Design teams
  • From Clients
  • From Contractors
  • From Subject specialists

[edit] Typical evidence

What type of evidence do you typically use to demonstrate compliance here? Potential to link to examples.

[edit] Applicable Schemes

The guidelines collated in this ISD aim to support sustainable best practice in the topic described. This issue may apply in multiple BREEAM schemes covering different stages in the life of a building, different building types and different year versions. Some content may be generic but scheme nuances should also be taken into account. Refer to the comments below and related articles to this one to understand these nuances. See this document for further guidelines.

  • (eg) International New Construction 2016

Principles to follow in dealing with scheme nuances

  • Minimise duplication of articles
  • Better to have one article with inter-scheme nuances explained, than many articles with duplicated information
  • Making ISD titles match BREEAM issue names increases accessibility from search engines
  • Where issue titles and scope vary considerably new ISDs could be created
  • Make use of 'Related articles' function in this Wiki to connect articles on similar topics
  • Where scheme nuances are more complex please create a separate article and a link to it from the ‘home’ document. Example
  • The wiki community pay attention to how the wiki evolves and ensure that communication is optimised

[edit] Other categories?

This is a wiki, feel free to identify and create further categories

[edit] Disclaimer

The body of the ISD should be followed by a Disclaimer stating:

BRE Global does not endorse any of the content posted and use of the content will not guarantee the meeting of certification criteria.

[edit] Signature

Where author attribution is required, make sure you are logged in, move the cursor to below the disclaimer, and press the 'insert signature' button.

Insert signature 2.jpg

Your signature will then appear when you save your ISD, looking something like this, --Designing Buildings 17:30, 08 Nov 2017 (BST) - and your profile will appear at the top of the ISD, as the Designing Buildings Wiki profile appears at the top of this article.

[edit] 'Find out more' section

At the bottom of your ISD you can add a 'Find out more' section, listing related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki and any external references. A good way of finding related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki is to save your ISD and see what hyperlinks are automatically embedded into the text. The articles you add to the 'Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki' section will also appear in a box at the top right of the article when it is saved.

[edit] Find out more

[edit] Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki (heading level 3)

[edit] External references (heading level 3)

  • Bulleted list of external references with hyperlinks were possible.

[edit] Assigning the article to categories

When you have finished your article, make sure you allocate it to relevant categories, by checking the boxes below (including the BREAM category which is under 'Legislation and standards'). If suitable for other categories (eg Sustainability) then tick all that apply.

Wiki Categories.JPG

Then click save. To start editing again, click 'Edit this article'.

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