Last edited 06 Feb 2017

Quick introduction to designing buildings wiki



Designing Buildings Wiki was created to make cross-discipline construction industry knowledge available to everyone for free.

When you add an article you help make the industry more efficient, more collaborative and better informed and you help other people avoid mistakes.

And because you can add your profile to the top of articles you write, when people read your articles, they will also find out about you.

Creating an article

To create an article, just register, (registration is free) and create a profile. Then click the orange 'Create an article' button.

Create button.jpg

You will be asked to check whether the article already exists, and if it doesn't, you will be asked if you want to create it.

You can then type your article from scratch or you can paste it from another application.

Adding your profile to your articles

Profile anonymous.jpg

To add your profile to the top of your articles, edit your article, move the cursor to the end of the article and click the insert signature button.

Insert signature 2.jpg

Then save the article.

What sort of content is acceptable

You can write about any subject related to the construction industry, including research, publications, organisations, theories, products, practices and so on, but articles should be factual, not promotional. You can include as much promotional material as you like on your profile page, but articles should be neutral, just presenting the facts.

Writing style should be 'encyclopaedic' rather than 'bloggy'. See Quick Style Guide for more information.

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