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10 construction manager tips for successful project execution

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[edit] General Introduction

Construction project execution is one of the most time-consuming processes. It can stretch from a few months to years, depending upon factors such as the size of the construction project, the size of the project team, technologies used and the quality of work. However, successful completion of the construction project is highly depend upon the construction management and the construction manager on site.

Successful completion means that the project manager completes the project within the budget and the specified timelines with optimum use of the resources.

[edit] Project execution

Project execution is defined as the act of executing the activities to successfully complete the project. It is the third phase of the project after project initiation and project planning and is followed by project monitoring and project closure. The main aim of project execution is to complete the building construction project within the stipulated time, and budget and with the quality and specifications set out in the construction project management plan.

Typically being the longest phase in the construction lifecycle, the project execution phase is the most vital phase.. The building construction is highly influenced by a few factors such as –

The construction manager mainly focuses on three points during project execution:

[edit] Top 10 tips for successful project execution

  1. Effective communication: Communicate effectively and clearly with the team members. Communication is the key to successful construction project execution and effective communication eliminates flaws during construction.
  2. Hire experienced team players : Hire the perfect crew for the project. Team members and employees play a vital role in the effective and successful execution of the project. They should be well qualified and knowledgeable.
  3. Resource management : Keep all the resources in the required quantity to avoid delays during the execution.
  4. Project assessment before execution : Evaluate the project plan and make necessary changes before the commencement of actual construction work on site. It saves time, money, effort and other resources such as building materials.
  5. Milestones to track progress: Define the milestones of the construction project. Milestones represent the completion of a particular set of activities.
  6. Time management to minimise delays: Time management is the key to successful project execution. Identify the critical path for your project for an optimised schedule and timely completion of the project.
  7. Construction documentation: Maintain proper documentation for the construction project. All the documents at each stage of the project should be preserved for future reference.
  8. Meeting the stakeholders regularly : Have meetings regularly with construction stakeholders for an update regarding progress.
  9. Innovative technologies for construction: Implement new and advanced technologies for better execution of the project.
  10. Hire a construction management firm : AEC professionals can hire a construction management firm to manage the project from start to finish.

[edit] Benefits of implementing construction management strategies for project execution

Construction management and its strategies can benefit the AEC projects in several ways:

[edit] Conclusion

Construction project management (PM) differs from traditional project management in that it necessitates and incorporates substantial knowledge of the construction industry, a field with its own set of issues. It necessitates careful planning and scheduling in order to ensure the job is completed on time. Document all stages of your project, keep all stakeholders informed and encourage strong team collaboration. Construction managers, through their construction management skills, can facilitate hassle-free execution of the construction activities from start to finish. Adoption and implementation of the right technologies can also help the successful execution and completion.

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