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Procurement route options pros and cons

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See also: procurement route.


[edit] Traditional contract

Good for:

Not suited for:

  • Time – require full detailed pack pre tender
  • Cost – not a benefit if many changes made
  • Incomplete drawings – lead to delay, costs and claims of negligence

Contract: Standard Building Contract SBC11

[edit] Design and build

Good for:

Not suited for:

  • Quality – cheapest route to meet contract specification can lead to low quality products/ build quality.
  • Design flexibility – request for changes will have cost/time implications

Contract: DB11

[edit] Management contracting

Good for:

Not suited for:

  • Inexperienced clientsrisk high
  • Fixed cost - Prime cost basis per package.
  • Lack of available specialists – would leave gaps in work to be undertaken.

Contract: MC11

[edit] Construction management

Good for:

  • Design flexibility – changes can be made throughout construction, although there are potential cost implications.

Not suited for: