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Procurement route options pros and cons

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See also: procurement route.


[edit] Traditional contract

Good for:

Not suited for:

Contracts: JCT Standard Building Contract 2016, JCT Intermediate Building Contract 2016, JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016, NEC3 ECC Option A

JCT Standard Building Contract 2016:

[edit] Design and build

Good for:

Not suited for:

Contract: JCT Design and Build 2016, JCT Major Project Construction Contract 2016, NEC ECC Options A-E

JCT Design and Build 2016:

[edit] Management contracting

Good for:

Not suited for:

Contract: JCT Management Building Contract 2016

[edit] Construction management

Good for:


JCT Construction Management Appointment 2016, NEC ECC Option F, Construction Management Trade Contract 1999

JCT Construction Management Appointment 2016:



This article seems to need some revision: The Management Contracting and Construction Management procurement methods appear to be the wrong way round.

Construction Management is far higher risk than Management Contracting for the client.

The end of the article also doesn't seem to be consistent with the 'suitable for' and 'not suitable for'.

So change it - its a wiki site.

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