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Procurement route options pros and cons

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See also: procurement route.


[edit] Traditional contract

Good for:

Not suited for:

Contracts: JCT Standard Building Contract 2016, JCT Intermediate Building Contract 2016, JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016, NEC3 ECC Option A

JCT Standard Building Contract 2016:

[edit] Design and build

Good for:

Not suited for:

Contract: JCT Design and Build 2016, JCT Major Project Construction Contract 2016, NEC ECC Options A-E

JCT Design and Build 2016:

[edit] Management contracting

Good for:

Not suited for:

Contract: JCT Management Building Contract 2016

[edit] Construction management

Good for:


JCT Construction Management Appointment 2016, NEC ECC Option F, Construction Management Trade Contract 1999

JCT Construction Management Appointment 2016: