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Design review

Regular design reviews should be co-ordinated by the lead designer. These reviews may include the consultant team, client, independent client advisers and where there is one, the construction manager or management contractor. They may also involve external organisations who specialise in design reviews.

Design reviews may consider:

The lead designer should compile comments received as a result of this review process and and instruct the consultant team to amend or develop the design as necessary.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to commission design reviews from independent client advisers or from specialist design review organisations (such as Design Council Cabe).

On public sector projects, the government requires that gateway reviews are carried out at key points during the development of the project. The process is mandatory for central civil government projects and is best practice in the health sector, local government and defence. Gateway reviews are independent peer reviews carried out by a review team on behalf of the senior responsible owner. The review team prepare a confidential review report for the senior responsible owner. Ref what is OGC gateway review.

NB The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has now been absorbed into the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) within the Cabinet Office. OGC guidance has been archived, however, it is cited in the Government Construction Strategy and the Common Minimum Standards, and links are provided to OGC documents from government websites such as the Major Projects Authority. The OGC gateway review process still provides one of the best and most comprehensive sets of guidance for public projects. It is for this reason that the project plan for public projects within Designing Buildings Wiki follows the OGC gateway review process.

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