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Concept services design

Concept design proposals from the services engineer might include:

  • Weights and location of major plant and equipment.
  • Position of vertical service risers.
  • Routes for the distribution of horizontal services runs including access provisions.
  • Builders' work holes larger than 300sq mm.
  • Insulation assumptions.
  • Environmental control strategies.
  • Geothermal requirements.
  • Solar energy requirements.
  • Rainwater drainage requirements.
  • Below ground drainage routes.
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).
  • Building shading requirements.
  • Plant room space requirements including access provisions.
  • Energy budget
  • Energy assessment method.
  • Energy targets.
  • Energy sources.
  • Emissions targets.
  • Earthing pits and lightning protection.
  • Incoming service routes and statutory utility requirements.
  • Acoustic and vibration information.

Before developing a concept design strategies it is worth analysing the client's current environmental services to assess adequacies and inadequacies. The services engineer also needs to understand how future requirements might change.

A list of things to look at might include:

  • IT and telecoms strategy.
  • Personell and department numbers and space standards.
  • Security issues.
  • Equipment servicing and power requirements.
  • Catering facilities.
  • Waste and consumables.
  • Staff leisure facilities/showers.
  • Car parking/garage facilities.
  • Future trends and likely expansion/contraction of different operations.
  • Electrical security, standby generation and UPS systems.
  • Natural light priorities.
  • Zone controls to different areas.
  • Existing maintenance and running costs.

NB Detailed descriptions of the concept design stage are available in the Designing Buildings Wiki home project plans.

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