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Cherry picker


Cherry pickers are pieces of machinery easily identified by their long, extendible arm with a cradle attached on the end.

They are multi-use tools ideal for any job that requires the user to work at height, even in the most awkward of locations. Cherry Pickers are an important part of many industries

The name cherry pickers comes from the use they were originally designed for - to help people pick cherries. It is still possible to find them being used in fruit orchards, helping to get the hard to reach fruit at the tops of trees and in difficult to reach locations.

These machines revolutionised how people could pick fruit and ensured the best fruit could always be picked in safe manner – with no danger of falling. They have also made the process of picking fruit more efficient through time savings and the reduced risk of losing fruit to falls.

Other uses of cherry pickers include:


Cherry pickers can be used to gain access to upper floors of construction works without needing to ereect scaffolding or use cranes. Their mobility and flexibility means that they can give rapid access to a number of different locations.

Telegraph Poles

Cherry pickers allow engineers to easily reach the top of telegraph poles to either inspect or repair cabling. The engineers are highly skilled, due to their work involving electricity, but their job has been made much less dangerous and complex through the use of cherry pickers. In times gone by, engineers were expected to ascend the poles a ladder. Now they can safely reach the top of telegraph poles in the relative safety of the cherry picker’s cradle with space for their tools and multiple engineers.


Maintenance of windows and facades is an important part of keeping buildings in a good state of repair. Much like the engineers climbing telegraph poles, cherry pickers have made the process of cleaning and maintaining higher parts of a property much easier and safer. No longer do they need a series of ladders or scaffolding to get to those hard to reach locations carrying tools, buckets and other equipment.

Use by the Fire and Rescue Service

The fire and resue service will often use a cherry picker to fight fires and save lives. It allows them to reach higher floors o fbuildings and gives a safe platform for those trapped on higher floors to step onto to reach safety. It is also a reasonably quick method of reaching the higher levels of buildings meaning that it can be used multiple times in one emergency.


Cherry pickers can be used for shots that require an aerial angle, giving the camera operator the perfect position above the scene. Cameras can also be mounted directly on a cherry picker and remotely controlled to give aerial sweeping shots.

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