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Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

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Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) are a types of 'plant', or equipment that facilitate working at height. They consist of a working platform on an extending structure and chassis, with controls for operation.

There are two basic types of MEWPs – 'booms', such as cherry pickers, which have both static and mobile forms; and 'verticals', such as scissor lifts, that can also be static or mobile.

Some of the variations include:


[edit] Push around vertical (PAV)

This is a small type of mobile vertical lift with scissor operation. It is compact and lightweight which means it is often used for low-level access in warehouses, factories, and so on. It can be easily moved from place to place, including between floors.

[edit] Mast lift

A mast lift is a small type of cherry picker with a boom lift operation. It is compact, and so can be used in restricted spaces and busy environments, and has a caged platform that keeps users safe.

[edit] Scissor lift

This can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces where a straight vertical lift is required for access. The caged platform is elevated by linked, folding supports in an ‘X’ pattern, known as a pantograph. Pressure is applied to the external side of the lowest set of supports, which elongates the criss-crossing supports and raises the platform. For more information, see Scissor lift.

[edit] Cherry picker

A cherry picker is mobile and versatile and has a boom able to extend forwards and upwards. Different attachments can be fitted to the end of the boom, such as a cradle, bucket, pallet forks, muck grab, winch, and so on. It is flexible and multi-purpose, ideal for jobs that require the user to work at height in awkward of locations. For more information, see Cherry picker.

[edit] Stick boom lift

Also known as a telescopic boom, a stick boom lift offers an extensive range of movement similar to the cherry picker. The platform is capable of extending sideways as well as vertically, and is often used for moving around and above obstacles, machinery or buildings.

[edit] Track mount

Also known as a spider lift, a track mount is often used when ground is uneven or has a steep incline. The tracked chassis helps to spread weight more evenly, reducing the pressure on the ground, and making it suitable for use on soft ground or delicate floors.

[edit] Truck mount

Also known as a lorry-mounted platform, a truck mount is often used for installing signage and telecoms systems, high-level maintenance, pest control, and so on. It can be moved between sites quickly and is ready to use straight away.

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