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BREEAM Retail prize 2016


In June 2016, the top prize in the retail in-use category at the BREEAM global sustainability awards went to the Kanyon Centre, in the Levant business district of Istanbul.

The mixed-use property development measuring 40,812 sq.m, encompasses a 25-storey business tower offering 30,000 sq.m of office space, a 40,000 sq.m open-air shopping area with 157 boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bars, a cinema, health and fitness centre, gourmet market and an outdoor performance area. The centre attracts 35,000 visitors daily. A residential block includes 179 apartments.

Kanyon was the first project to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating on its BREEAM In-Use certificate in Turkey in 2012, reflecting its long-term commitment to sustainability and innovative performance. In June 2015, Kanyon achieved Turkey’s first ‘Outstanding’ rating on its BREEAM In-Use for International building management, a reflection of its best practice policies.

Kanyon is a joint venture between Eczacba Pharmaceutical and Industrial Investment and Real Estate Investment Trust. Several international companies were involved in the $200 million project, including Jerde Partnership, Tabanlolu Architects, Arup Engineering and Tepe Construction.

From the outset, the developers specified technologies that would direct the centre towards a sustainable and environmentally-responsible future:

  • An intelligent building management system (BMS) monitors, controls and optimises energy and water consumption. Space heating, cooling, fans, humidification, lighting and small power systems are constantly monitored.
  • 35% of the building’s hot water demand is provided by solar panels. A co-generation system serves 10% of the heating demand and by installing a heat recovery system in fresh air units, a 4% reduction in energy consumption has been achieved.
  • The open-air structure provides maximum use of daylighting, and allows visitors to enjoy fresh air and landscaping.
  • Rainwater and greywater are collected for use in public toilets and landscape irrigation.
  • Internal and external lighting meet best practice levels with most fixtures changed to LEDs.
  • CO2 detectors monitor indoor environmental quality.
  • Kanyon operates its own waste management system with collection points for glass, paper and other recyclable materials, waste food from restaurants and cafes, and electronic waste.

Tuncer Kinikili, Operation Director of Kanyon Facilities Management and Marketing, said: “Kanyon aimed to be a pioneer in both the reduction of energy usage, water consumption and waste management, via an innovative and comprehensive management strategy to minimise its carbon footprint. As a result of our investment the centre is achieving an 11% annual saving in energy costs. And as a consequence of our BREEAM success we’re seeing employees and tenants participating more and more in sustainable activities.”

This article was written by Simon Guy for BRE Buzz and published 20 June 2016. For more information, see BRE Buzz

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