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Swimming pool renovation

The list below outlines some potential swimming pool renovation ideas:

Energy efficient mechanicals

  • Pump – an energy efficient pump can lower energy consumption. It can use 30% to 40% less energy than standard models, while its relatively smaller size may not require to be operated as often.
  • Heater – today's technology offers more heater choices than ever before, from gas and electric to solar and thermal (which uses heat in the air to warm the water). The choice of heater will ultimately depend on the size of the pool and individual requirements.
  • Other potential energy efficient upgrades include lighting, filters and solar pool covers.

Pool structure and accessories

  • Resurfacing – this will improve the look of the shell and can save the need to resurface later (as the shell begins to show signs of wear). There are various materials available in a variety of colours.
  • Shape and depth – changing one or even both of these elements can add a dramatic effect to the configuration.
  • Accessories – a whole range of accessories can be added to improve a pool, including in-shell lighting, permanent benches, a slide for children, diving board (if the water is deep enough), and graduated steps (so that users can enter gradually).

Automation and remote control

  • Many mechanical elements can be combined with timers (such as heaters, pumps and robotic cleaners). Some can be controlled remotely, using smartphones, tablets and wireless remotes. Automation can also facilitate energy savings.

Anti-entrapment equipment

  • Anti-entrapment drain covers will keep hair, limbs and other body parts from being pulled towards or sucked into the drain. They provide a rapid vacuum release if the drain becomes blocked.

Integrated spa

  • Spas can be added to existing pools. When positioned adjacent to the shell overlooking the water, they can be soothing and attractive. Alternatively, they can be sited further away to suit individual needs..

Pool cover

  • A pool cover will keep out debris, pollutants and animals. Automated covers can be convenient in use, avoiding manual operation.

Pool deck/surrounds

  • When pool surrounds need replacing, natural stone, timber or even brick can provide attractive replacement solutions. Replacing the surround also offers the opportunity to replace the coping.

A swimming pool renovation will depend on creativity, budget and available space and may increase the value of a property. But it is important to partner with a renovation professional when undertaking any such works.

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