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Work order management system

Work Order Maintenance System.jpgIntroduction

Work order management systems use a dashboard-based software approach to track and manage relevant maintenance projects and processes for facilities management departments. Work orders are typically related to the upkeep of equipment and can incorporate both simple and complex tasks such as changing an air filter or replacing an entire HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system.

Work order management systems are suitable for multi-site organisations and can be integrated with enterprise asset management (EAM) software or computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS). EAM and CMMS are different types of work order management systems.


[edit] Characteristics

Work order management systems document basic processes - create work orders, request updates, track task completions - which are then broken down into smaller tasks. These systems can be tailored to incorporate requirements necessary for auditing purposes, regulatory requirements or other business-specific concerns.

Some systems are also able to monitor additional tasks associated with maintenance work orders:

With a computerised work order management approach to maintenance, work orders are created in real time. They are then assigned and sent directly to the appropriate tradesperson to complete based on the information provided. It is possible to order replacement parts simultaneously with the creation of the work order.

[edit] Generation of work orders

Work orders are typically generated when an internal request is made, but they can also come about after a general facility inspection or safety audit. Property inspections may reveal maintenance issues with electrical systems, roofing or other site features. Safety audits can trigger repairs for signage, lighting, waste management and other hazardous situations.

Preventive maintenance tasks can also be a source of work orders, particularly when they identify the need to replace parts, materials or supplies.

[edit] Reporting capabilities

Work order management systems track the progress of maintenance tasks. They can also trigger alerts if problems occur or if a task has not been initiated.

Once the task is complete, the system can generate reports for data mining. This analysis can be used for assessing budgets and resource availability and for other planning purposes.

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