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Tender submission

A tender is a submission made by a prospective supplier in response either to an invitation to tender (ITT) or in response to an open tender, i.e open to everyone, e.g OJEU tenders. Either way, tenderers will make offers to supply goods or services for the realisation of a particular project.

In submitting a tender, tenderers will include their price for supplying the goods or services along with proposals for how the client's requirements will be satisfied – if these have been requested.

[edit] Conditions of tender submissions

There may be numerous conditions which clients impose on tenderers. These can include:

The precise content of tenders will vary considerably depending on the procurement route, however, they might include:

[edit] Getting it right

Tender submission is a process governed by a strict set of rules and requirements, some of which may seem basic but are nevertheless crucial. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in a failed tender. Some basic points to watch include:

  • Ensuring the submission is not late;
  • Ensuring information asked for is not missing;
  • Ensuring everything is in the required format;
  • Avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes;
  • Fully understanding the client’s requirements and specification, and
  • Understanding obligations.

For more information see: Common mistakes in construction tenders.

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