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Responsibility for building design

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[edit] Design duties in law

[edit] Standard of liability

[edit] Duration of liability

[edit] Techniques and materials


[edit] Compliance with statutory requirements

[edit] Legal responsibility for design

[edit] Architect

  • The overall responsibility for the design of the project will usually be borne by the architect if there is one.
  • An architect who lacks the ability or expertise to carry out part of a design job has three choices:
  1. To refuse the commission altogether.
  2. To persuade the employer to employ a specialist for that part of the work.
  3. To employ and pay for a specialist personally, knowing that any liability for defective design can then be passed along the chain of contracts.

[edit] Contractor

  1. The decision about the required performance.
  2. The way in which the performance will be achieved.

[edit] Sub-contractor

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