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BS ISO 45003 Psychological health and safety at work - managing psychosocial risks



[edit] Introduction

ISO 45003 Occupational health and safety management. Psychological health and safety at work: managing psychosocial risks is being developed as the first global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health at work. It provides guidance on the management of psychosocial risk as part of an occupational health and safety management system.

ISO 45003 is part of a suite of standards associated with ISO 45001, which is a holistic global health and safety management system. ISO 45001 makes it clear that employers are responsible for the physical and mental health (as well as safety) of their staff members. As such, ISO 45003 may help organisations that are already using an occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety.

[edit] How ISO 45003 can be used

As of April 2021, ISO PAS 45003 is in the 'draft' stage, but the majority of the content has been finalised and will not likely change upon its publication as a full International Standard. This means it can be used in its current format, which includes:

[edit] Responsible management of employee health and safety

These health and safety measures are seen as proactive and may result in positive outcomes, such as:

[edit] Discussing implementation

During a presentation on Implementing ISO 45003, Sapna Mahajan, Director, Prevention and Promotion Initiatives, Mental Health Commission of Canada made the point that the longer someone is off from work for issues around mental wellbeing, the more difficult it is for that person to return to work. She also raised the issue of stigma - both external and internal - and stated that it was one of the greatest barriers for those who require assistance.

Acknowledging that the word standard can be scary, Mahajan relayed how 40 organisations in Canada have successfully adopted a similar framework which has fostered an environment where employees are no longer afraid to seek help.

Daniela Campos, Technical Director, Department of Psychosocial Risks ACHS, Chile, also introduced the importance of COPSOQ (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) in providing some of the framework for ISO 45003. COPSOQ has been used as an instrument for research to inform the assessment of psychosocial conditions and health promotion at workplaces.

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