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Six remarkable benefits of high pressure water jetting


[edit] Introduction

High-pressure water jetting is more functional than people think and has multiple uses across domestic, commercial and industrial environments. It is not about the average car power washer; more about waterjets that produce about 30 times that pressure. The equipment can range from 2,000 psi to 55,000 psi offering many advantages when it comes to performance, flexibility and cost.

[edit] What is high-pressure water jetting?

High-pressure water jetting, also known as hydro-blasting and sometimes water-cutting, is the use of a water jet that forces highly compressed and pressurised water out of a small hole or nozzle, which causes restriction and produces a high-pressure water stream. This water stream is so powerful it will cut through grease, ice and even concrete, hence why it is such an effective and precise tool used in many industries.

[edit] The benefits

High-pressure water jetting has several uses and advantages within a wide range of industries including pipework cleansing. Here are seven astonishing ways that the versatile process can be used:

[edit] Cleansing of industrial pipework

This kind of water jetting equipment is an excellent solution to pipe clogging and debris build-up within industrial pipework. The high-pressure water stream can remove and break up rust, scale and other residues; these specialist jet systems are designed for de-greasing, de-scaling and cleansing the pipework without having to deconstruct the pipes. This means the job is performed quickly and efficiently, meaning less downtime for companies.

[edit] Hydro demolition

Some top-of-the-range water jetting systems can reach pressures of 15,000 psi or more and the water stream that these emit is strong enough to cut through and remove concrete. This is called hydro demolition and is often preferred by construction engineers as it is an extremely accurate way of cutting and removing stone or concrete without damaging any of the existing structure.

[edit] Removing road markings

Impressively, high-pressure water jetting can also be used to remove existing road markings. It is capable of breaking up chemical residues and paint, so when road markings are fading and need to be replenished, water jetting can be used to expertly remove the current paint.

[edit] Removing chewing gum

In addition to removing paint, hydro blasting can also be an effective way off removing chewing gum from roads and pavements. This shows just how powerful it can be, as chewing gum is exceptionally hard to remove but high-pressure water jetting combined with the use of hot water can lift this debris from surfaces.

[edit] Tank cleaning

Industrial tanks are expensive and if they are not cleaned and maintained regularly this can result in them needing to be replaced. To avoid having to fork out for a new industrial tank, high-pressure water jetting is a practical and low-cost way to guarantee your tank lasts for longer.

[edit] Cut through steel

It may be hard to believe but ultra-high-pressure water jetting can act like a laser and cut through plastics, stone and even steel. The water pressure is usually between 20,000 and 55,000 psi and is often used to cut complex shapes in certain materials. It is generally preferred over laser cutting because it does not produce toxic fumes or dust.

High-pressure water jetting is an underestimated concept and its benefits are ongoing. It is economical and environmentally friendly, using only water pressure and no chemicals and its accuracy is celebrated. It can save time, cost and the environment.

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