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Selecting bar stools


[edit] Introduction

Your kitchen's bar is the ideal place to entertain guests and relax after a long day at work. If you have built a well-stocked counter, choosing the right bar stools or chairs should be your next step.

Bar stools can be a more popular choice than regular stools because they can be practical, beautiful and stylish. There are quite a few types of bar stools on the market.

[edit] Height

When choosing a bar stool or chair, make sure its height matches the height of your counter. Start by measuring the height of your bar counter from the top to the floor. The difference should be +/- 300mm. This height difference is the difference in height we usually have at our dining and work tables; therefore, it is a comfortable height difference we have become accustomed to. If you buy bar stools with arms, then also pay attention to the height of the arms, you may need to tuck them under your island table.

[edit] Features

Each type of bar stool has different features to suit different preferences. Some people prefer backless bar stools because they are easier to get on, while others may prefer bar stools with arms and high backs because it makes their whole chilling process more comfortable. There are also those who prefer swivel bar stools. As for what unique features you want your bar stool to have, it's really a matter of personal preference, as long as the stool matches the height of your bar counter.

[edit] Colour

Your bar stools should be compatible not only with the bar in your kitchen, but also with the overall interior design of your kitchen. Bar stools in understated and light colours, such as white, black and light brown, are easy to match, versatile and will fit in well with most bar counters and the overall theme of most of today's interiors.

[edit] Be creative

While bar stools aren't usually the centrepiece of your home, those with the right design can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or dining room. Unleash your creativity by picking bar stools that incorporate luxury, sophistication, glamour, or whatever other vibe you're looking for.

[edit] Buy only what you need

We understand that you want to be ready for your guests at all times, but don't be tempted to buy too many bar stools and end up cluttering them around your island counter. Buy the right number of stools you need based on the available space you have. If you're hosting a big party, you can always invite your guests to other equally amazing parts of your house.

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