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Project handbook

The project handbook is prepared by the contractor and sets out responsibilities, procedures, and lines of communication for construction. This is a separate document to the construction phase plan which is a requirement of the CDM regulations and relates only to health and safety.

The project handbook might include:

  • A comprehensive project directory listing relevant personnel, e-mail and postal addresses and telephone numbers and describing their role in the project.
  • Contractor organisation charts, identifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Lists of third parties including: stakeholders, statutory authorities, statutory utilities, adjacent property owners and occupants, emergency services and any other local or national bodies with an interest in the project.
  • Personnel to deal with media relations and complaints.
  • Head office and site operating procedures (such as purchasing arrangements and PAYE arrangements).
  • Valuation dates for measurement, off-site inspections and payment.
  • Meetings schedules and reporting systems.
  • Records, archiving and document control strategies (including archiving strategy and security against fire or theft).
  • Document distribution procedures.
  • Site instructions and change order procedures.
  • Cost control and reporting.
  • Programme reporting and adjustment procedures.
  • Commissioning and handover procedures.

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