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Planning policy replaced by the NPPF

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), published in March 2012 set out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. Annex 3 includes a list of planning policy statements, guidance and other documents replaced by the NPPF and so no longer in force.

  1. Planning Policy Statement: Delivering Sustainable Development
  2. Planning Policy Statement: Planning and Climate Change – Supplement to Planning Policy Statement 1
  3. Planning Policy Guidance 2: Green Belts
  4. Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing
  5. Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth
  6. Planning Policy Statement 5: Planning for the Historic Environment
  7. Planning Policy Statement 7: Sustainable Development in Rural Areas
  8. Planning Policy Guidance 8: Telecommunications
  9. Planning Policy Statement 9: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation
  10. Planning Policy Statement 12: Local Spatial Planning
  11. Planning Policy Guidance 13: Transport
  12. Planning Policy Guidance 14: Development on Unstable Land
  13. Planning Policy Guidance 17: Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation
  14. Planning Policy Guidance 18: Enforcing Planning Control
  15. Planning Policy Guidance 19: Outdoor Advertisement Control
  16. Planning Policy Guidance 20: Coastal Planning
  17. Planning Policy Statement 22: Renewable Energy
  18. Planning Policy Statement 23: Planning and Pollution Control
  19. Planning Policy Guidance 24: Planning and Noise
  20. Planning Policy Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk
  21. Planning Policy Statement 25 Supplement: Development and Coastal Change
  22. Minerals Policy Statement 1: Planning and Minerals
  23. Minerals Policy Statement 2: Controlling and Mitigating the Environmental Effects of Minerals Extraction In England.
  24. Minerals Planning Guidance 2: Applications, permissions and conditions
  25. Minerals Planning Guidance 3: Coal Mining and Colliery Spoil Disposal
  26. Minerals Planning Guidance 5: Stability in surface mineral workings and tips
  27. Minerals Planning Guidance 7: Reclamation of minerals workings
  28. Minerals Planning Guidance 10: Provision of raw material for the cement industry
  29. Minerals Planning Guidance 13: Guidance for peat provision in England
  30. Minerals Planning Guidance 15: Provision of silica sand in England
  31. Circular 05/2005: Planning Obligations
  32. Government Office London Circular 1/2008: Strategic Planning in London
  33. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Town and Country Planning (Electronic Communications) (England) Order 2003
  34. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Planning Obligations and Planning Registers
  35. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Model Planning Conditions for development on land affected by contamination
  36. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Planning for Housing and Economic Recovery
  37. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Development and Flood Risk – Update to the Practice Guide to Planning Policy Statement 25
  38. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Implementation of Planning Policy Statement (PPS25) – Development and Flood Risk
  39. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: The Planning Bill – delivering well designed homes and high quality places
  40. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Planning and Climate Change – Update
  41. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: New powers for local authorities to stop ‘garden- grabbing’
  42. Letter to Chief Planning Officer: Area Based Grant: Climate Change New Burdens
  43. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: The Localism Bill
  44. Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Planning policy on residential parking standards, parking charges, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure

NB In 2012, the government also commissioned the Taylor Report, a further review of the remaining planning policy guidance.

See also The Penfold Review, “Review of non-planning consents”, published on July 18th 2010.

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