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[edit] Introduction

Damp, wood-rot and insect infestation can all present serious problems for the structural integrity of a building if left untreated. Unfortunately, the presence and severity of these issues may not always be immediately apparent to the untrained eye. However, problems with damp and timber can often be resolved fairly easily by a qualified professional when identified early; but you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it’s there. For this reason, it may be worth considering getting a damp and timber report.

[edit] What is a damp and timber report?

A damp and timber report is a survey of a property carried out to determine whether damp is present, and if so what type of damp it is. The survey also checks timber for the presence of wood-rot or pest infestations that could jeopardise the structural integrity of the building.

[edit] When is a damp and timber report needed?

Specialist damp and timber reports may be recommended, even when a Home Buyers Report has already been completed. This is because damp and timber reports are completed by experts with a great deal more experience within this area than a general surveyor. The risks associated with damp and timber problems can be severe enough to warrant the services of a C.S.R.T qualified professional that can deliver the information and solutions required.

Below are some of the circumstances where it may be wise to consider a damp and timber report.

[edit] Selling a property

The presence of damp or timber issues can seriously impact the value of a property. In order to maximise the sale price and ensure the sale does not fall through when it comes to buyer’s survey stage; ensure all issues are taken care of from the start.

[edit] Buying a property

It can be wise to get any property you’re considering buying comprehensively surveyed, damp and timber reports may berequired by lenders as a condition of the mortgage offer.

[edit] Concerned about the presence of damp or wood-rot

As is the case with many things, it is easier to deal with a problem when it’s detected early. There are many causes of damp, ranging from condensation, damaged pipework or an insufficient Damp Proof Course. The key to resolving the issues is to identify and fix the source of the problem. Early and specialised intervention can help protect a property, not only from the structural degradation, but also from the health risks that can arise from the presence of mould.

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