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Construction team



[edit] Introduction

The term ‘construction team’ can have numerous interpretations in the industry. If it involves those roles that are needed to physically construct the project, it will be different than if it involves those who are responsible for the conception, planning and design of the project, such as the architect and structural engineer.

Very broadly, the construction team will include those project team members who are tasked with physically constructing what the design team has stipulated in its documentation and specifications. During the course of the project, the construction team may be subject to periodic checks and inspections by design team members to ensure the construction is on track to meet the specification and client requirements.

Typically, the construction team will comprise the following roles that will be mostly site based:

However, today’s construction projects tend to be complex undertakings and on large projects can involve thousands of people. This may mean that the construction team includes a wide range of specialists and teams responsible for specific aspects of the works and other project stakeholders, such as expert suppliers whose knowledge the project relies upon.

On design and build projects, where the contractor is responsible for both designing and constructing the project (and possibly for the maintenance of the completed building), one or more architects and engineers are likely be working for the contractor and therefore may be considered part of the construction team.

[edit] Project team

The construction team will normally form part of a larger project team which may include a project board, client representatives, design team and other stakeholders such as the building’s users.

For more information see: Project team.

[edit] Design team

The design team involves the professionals that are required to design the works and perhaps to ensure the completed works satisfy the project brief.

For more information see: Design team.

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