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In construction, the term stanchion can have numerous meanings:

  • It can be a vertical post fixed to the ground on a construction site and which is part of several that either demarcate a hazardous area or a route to be followed. They can be made conspicuous by being painted in bright colours and having various signs attached.
  • The term stanchion is sometimes used to denote an upright bar, post or member (not a column) that is used for support, e.g as part of several supporting a mezzanine.
  • Stanchions are also the vertical metal bars which are fixed at the floor and ceiling to act as grab rails for passengers.
  • Historically, stanchions were iron uprights between the mullions of a window and were frequently terminated at the top with a fleur-de-lys or other ornamental motif.

The term has also been applied to:

NB Stained Glass Windows: Managing Environmental Deterioration, published by Historic England in 2020, defines a stanchion as a: ‘Vertical metal bar set between the mullions of a leaded window; part of the system that supports the panel. Can be set on the inside or outside of the window.’ See also: Ferramenta

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