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Printing 3D models of buildings


[edit] Introduction

Professions such as architects, landscape designers and other property experts used to rely on time-consuming, sometimes cumbersome techniques to create small-scale models of buildings. Now there is a more efficient option: the 3D printer. These devices can rapidly create accurate, fully-functional models of any almost any aspect of the built environment.

To get the best results, these simple steps should be followed.

[edit] Consider the building qualities

Before beginning printing, it is important to think about the characteristics of the structure that will be replicated. In particular consideration should be given to:

It is only by recording as many of the significant details as possible, that the final 3D model will accurately represent the original vision.

3D printed city models.jpg

[edit] Formulate a detailed blueprint

It is then necessary to create an accurate drawing so that the printer knows what to create. It is recommended that a computer aided design (CAD) program is used for this purpose as:

  • The dimensions will be more accurate.
  • It is possible to make adjustments more easily.
  • The image can be viewed from all angles.

There are printing specialists that can help with this if necessary. Being involved in this stage can make their own job easier in the long run.

[edit] Find a suitable printing specialist

It is then necessary to find a locally-based agency specialising in 3D printing. These experts should have the following qualities and capabilities:

It is important to research which 3D printing specialists will be able to take on the project in a rapid, efficient and affordable way, producing an accurate scale model that properly replicates all the characteristics of the property.

[edit] Choose an appropriate method

Lastly, it is necessary to work with the chosen 3D printing specialist to determine exactly how to create the model. While they will certainly use the 3D printers they have in their workshops, they may also suggest the following techniques for certain parts:

It is also important to think about how to finish the model. For example, what colours will be used, will it be necessary to sand or polish the model and so on.

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