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Pre-purchase Japanese knotweed risk report


[edit] Introduction

Japanese knotweed, a plant species that is not indigenous to the UK, is highly invasive and often causes extensive damage to property and to natural ecosystems. As a result, property values and lending decisions are often affected by its presence even if it is just in the near vicinity.

Non-native, invasive plant species are now regarded as one of the biggest threats to biodiversity worldwide, with the Centre for Environmental Studies estimating that £1.6 Billion is spent annually in the UK to remove Japanese knotweed.

[edit] What damage does Japanese Knotweed cause?

Growing up to 10cm a day, Japanese knotweed often targets the weakest points of building structures and substructures, such as cracks. Common damage from Japanese Knotweed includes:

[edit] Pre-purchase report

It is essential that property professionals are aware of the presence of Japanese knotweed on a site, or in the vicinity, and have the ability to make an informed decision on the risks.

A report has been developed that utilises a due diligence system search that will allow clients to understand these risks ahead of any purchase.

The report utilises innovative remote sensing technology to highlight Japanese knotweed adjacent to, or on, commercial property sites. This allows commercial conveyancers, developers and surveyors to identify potential management costs as well as lending risks before purchasing properties.

A pre-purchase Japanese knotweed risk report might include:

  • A location map.
  • Indicative buffers showing the potential coverage of root systems.
  • Unique remote sensing technique returns data.
  • A site boundary polygon with 250m radius buffer.
  • Polygon areas for knotweed stands greater than 5m2.

Additional expert advice may then be necessary:

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