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Mission statement

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[edit] Introduction

A mission statement is a declaration that summarises an organisation’s high level purpose, goals and objectives.

A company's mission statement is an enduring declaration of purpose that can distinguish one organisation from other similar enterprises. It is an announcement of the company's 'reason for being' - a common management tool that addresses an organisation's theory of business - and helps form the basis of its corporate strategy.

While it is typically succint, a mission statement may also relay values that have been prioritised - and ascribed to - by an organisation on behalf of its employees, partners and customers. It is a concrete, sometimes inspirational statement that may be communicated to the public.

An organisation's mission statement differs from its vision statement, which is meant to be aspirational. A vision statement is typically an internal document that is used as a motivational tool to help inspire and focus employees, although it can be used externally as a means of defining and enforcing a brand or ethos.

[edit] Mission statements in construction

In the context of the construction sector, a mission statement is sometimes used as part of an organisation’s preliminary business case or statement of intent. This exercise sets out a justification for the investment that would be required for a potential development. It is used to decide whether the proposed project merits being investigated in more detail.

This statement may be defined and set in the corporate plan, however at the preliminary business case level (as distinct from company or group level) a further mission statement may be required. This mission statement should be differentiated from more esoteric concepts such as vision statements which tend to be far more ideological or a long-term statement of strategic intent.

In this context the mission statement defines the role of the business unit as well as the business in which it should primarily be involved. It may also highlight its distinctive competence and give a broad indication of future direction without being overly visionary.

[edit] Sample construction mission statement

An example of a construction company mission statement might be:

'To create long-term shareholder value by providing safe and sustainable engineering, construction and service skills to customers for whom quality, efficiency and reliability are critical.'

Objectives sitting under this mission might include:

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