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Household reference person

From April 2001, Government surveys, replaced the traditional concept of the "head of the household" (HOH) with a "household reference person" (HRP).

The HRP is defined as the "householder" (that is the person in whose name the accommodation is owned or rented).

For joint householders (joint owners or joint tenants), the HRP is whoever has the highest income. If incomes are the same, the older person is defined as the HRP. Thus the HRP definition, unlike the old HOH definition, no longer gives automatic priority to male partners.

The switch from HOH to HRP resulted in a lower proportion of male ‘Heads’. For this reason, all figures based on the HRP (former HOH) for 1994-95 should be viewed with consideration when comparing them to 2004-05 and 2014-15.

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