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Curved glass

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Curved glass is commonly used as an element of façades and interiors in modernist designs for commercial and residential buildings. It often specified in designs as a feature element because of its uniqueness.

Technological advances in recent decades, such as robotic and automated manufacturing, have meant that curved glass has become easier and cheaper to produce and can be used to tighter radii, greater girths and greater overall dimensions.However, is not available in standard sizes so each building will require custom-made production.

Depending on the design requirements, there are a number of different forms in which curved glass can be used:

Clearly communicating the requirements, criteria and expected standards early in the deign process can be important as then, all parties – glazing manufacturer, façade contractor, architect, client, and so on – can fully understand the implications of the requirement prior to manufacture.

The relevant standards for cylindrical bent float glass are BS ISO 11485 Part 2 (2012), and the American ASTM C 1464-06 (reapproved 2011).

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