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Construction industry reports

This article presents a list of key reports about the UK construction industry. Detailed articles are available about some of these reports, which can be accessed by clicking on the links, and more will be added.

1934. Building to the skies. Alfred Bossom.

1936. The Third Report of the Commissioner for ‘Special Areas’.

1940. Barlow Report. Royal Commission on the Distribution of the Industrial Population (Barlow Commission).

1944. Simon Report, Placing and Management of Building Contracts, Sir Ernest Simon.

1945. Rebuilding Britain: A Twenty Year Plan, Sir Ernest Simon

1948. The Distribution of Building Materials and Components, Sir Ernest Simon.

1950. The Working Party Report to the Minister of Works: The Phillips Report on Building.

1962. Emmerson Report, Survey of Problems Before the Construction Industries.

1964. Banwell Report, The Placing and Management of Contracts for Building and Civil Engineering Work.

1966. The Tavistock Report: Interdependence and Uncertainty: A study of the building industry,

1965. The Future of Development Plans, Planning Advisory Group.

1967, Potts Report, Action on the Banwell Report: A Survey of the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Committee under the Chairmanship of Sir Harold Banwell on the Placing and Management of Contracts. Economic Development Committee for Building of the National Economic Development Office.

1969, Skeffington Report, ‘People and Planning. Report of the Committee on Public Participation in Planning’.

1970. Large Industrial Sites, National Economic Development Council.

1975. Wood Report, The Public Client and the Construction Industries: the report of the Building and Civil Engineering Economic Development Committees Joint Working Party Studying Public Sector Purchasing.

1978 The PIG Report: Project Information - its content and arrangement. A report and proposals on the way forward, by the Project Information Group (PIG) of the Department of the Environment NCC Standing Committee on Computing & Data Co-ordination.

1980. Sir Montague Finniston, Engineering Our Future: Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession, HMSO.

1983. The British Property Federation Manual of the BPF system for building design and construction.

1983 Faster Building for Industry, National Economic Development Office (NEDO).

1988 Faster Building for Commerce, National Economic Development Office (NEDO).

1993. Latham, Trust & Money.

1994. The Latham Report, Constructing the Team.

1995. Progress through Partnership, Report from the steering group of the Technology Foresight Programme.

1995. Construction procurement by government. An efficiency unit scrutiny, Sir Peter Levene.

1996. Educating the Professional Team, Construction Industry Board.

1996. Constructing a Better Image, Construction Industry Board.

1996. Training the Team, Construction Industry Board.

1997. Framework for a National Register for Consultants, Construction Industry Board.

1997. Liability Law and Latent Defects Insurance, Construction Industry Board

1997. Partnering in the team, report of working group 12, Construction Industry Board

1998. Strategic Review of Construction Skills Training, Construction Industry Board.

1998. The Egan Report, Rethinking Construction.

1999. Achieving Excellence, Office of Government Commerce.

1999. Towards an Urban Renaissance. Urban Task Force.

1999. A better quality of life – a strategy for sustainable development for the United Kingdom. Government.

2000. Better Public Buildings: A proud legacy for the future, Department for Culture Media and Sport.

2000. Construction Industry Board Root and Branch Review, Construction Industry Board.

2000. A Commitment to People: our biggest asset, A report from the Movement for Innovation’s working group on Respect for People. Movement for Innovation.

2000. A Vision Shared: The Movement for Innovation second anniversary report. Movement for Innovation.

2000. The Housing Demonstration Projects Report: Improving through measurement, The Housing Forum.

2000. Building a Better Quality of Life: A strategy for more sustainable construction, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

2001. Modernising construction, National Audit Office. .

2002. Rethinking Construction 2002: Achievements, Next Steps, Getting Involved, Rethinking Construction Group Ltd.

2002: Accelerating change: A report by the Strategic Forum for Construction, chaired by Sir John Egan.

2002 Fairclough Report, Rethinking Construction Innovation and Research: A Review of Government Policies and Practices. DTI and DTLR.

2005. Improving Public Services through Better Construction, National Audit Office.

2005. Be Valuable, Constructing Excellence.

2005. The Urban Renaissance six years on. Urban Task Force.

2007. Callcutt Review of Housebuilding Delivery, John Callcutt.

2007. Low Carbon Building Standards Strategy for Scotland (the Sullivan Report)

2007. Place-shaping: a shared ambition for the future of local government, Lyons Inquiry into Local Government, Sir Michael Lyons.

2008. ICT and Automation (ICTA) Scoping Study Report. National Platform for the Built Environment.

2008. The Strategy for Sustainable Construction, Government/Strategic Forum for Construction.

2008. Construction Matters, Business and Enterprise Select Committee.

2008. Equal Partners, Business Vantage and Construction Clients’ Group.

2009. Never waste a good crisis. Andrew Wolstenholme, Constructing Excellence.

2011. Government Construction Strategy 2011 2015, Cabinet Office.

2011. NAO, Lessons from PFI and other projects. Access the full report.

2011. House of Commons, Treasury - Seventeenth Report: Private Finance Initiative.

2011. Laying the foundations: a housing strategy for England, HM Government.

2011. Portas Review: an independent review into the future of our high streets. DCLG and BIS.

2012. A Better Deal For Public Building, Report from the Commission of Inquiry into achieving best value in the procurement of construction work. All Party Group for Excellence in the Built Environment. Access the full report.

2012. Government Construction Task Group, Government Construction Strategy: Final Report of the Procurement/Lean Client Task Group. July 2012.

2013. Construction 2025.

2013. BIS, Professor John Perkins’ Review of Engineering Skills.

2013. Global Construction 2025, A global forecast for the construction industry to 2025. Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics.

2014. Our future in place, The Farrell Review of Architecture + the Built Environment (FAR). Sir Terry Farrell.

2014. Property in politics. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

2014. Lyons Housing Review ‘Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need'. 16 October 2014.

2014. Skills to build, LCCI / KPMG Construction Skills Index (London and the South East) 2014, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), November 2014.

2014. An End to Cold Homes - Labour's energy efficiency green paper. 10 November 2014.

2014. Going for growth, Reviewing the Effectiveness of Government Growth Initiatives. All Party Urban Development Group. 17 November 2014.

2015. Collaboration for Change, The Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism. Paul Morrell, 18 May 2015.

2015. Fixing the foundations: creating a more prosperous nation. 10 July 2015

2015. A brighter future for our towns and cities, A report from the Commission for Underperforming Towns and Cities. The Institute of Economic Development (IED).

2016. Building Better Places. The Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment, 19 February 2016.

2016. Government Construction Strategy 2016 2020. Infrastructure and Projects Authority, 23 March 2016.

2016. Farmer Review 2016: Modernise or die

2016. Bonfield Review. Each Home Counts: Review of Consumer Advice, Protection, Standards and Enforcement for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Department for Communities and Local Government.

2017. Building our Industrial Strategy: green paper.

2017. Housing White Paper: Fixing our broken housing market. 7 February 2017.

2017. Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution. McKinsey Global Institute February 2017.

2017. Industrial Strategy: building a Britain fit for the future. 27 November 2017.

2017. Transforming infrastructure performance. 6 December 2017.

2017. Transport infrastructure efficiency strategy. 6 December 2017.

2018. Hackitt review of the building regulations and fire safety, final report.

2018. Construction Sector Deal.

2018. Procuring for value. CLC, July 2018.

2018. National Infrastructure Assessment. NIC, July 2018

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