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BREEAM Proximity to amenities


[edit] Aim and benefits

To encourage and reward a building location that facilitates easy access to local
services and so reduces the environmental, social and economic impacts resulting
from multiple or extended building user journeys, including transport-related
emissions and traffic congestion.

[edit] When to consider

Can be done at any time during the assessment as there often is not much that can be done to impact this

[edit] Step by step guidance

Create a base map with the building location - this can be done via google so that amenities can be added automatically

Mark/label each of the amenities if this is not clear already

Mark the safe pedestrian route on the map - some research on site may be needed for this as the google maps walking route may not meet BREEAM requirements

[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance

Are there future amenities to be provided?

[edit] Tools and resources

Proximity to amenities - Top 10 easy win issue

Google maps or other online map sites

Google or other search engines

Camera or camera phone

[edit] Tips and best practice

Make sure there is a plan or map scale to show distances

Check that the distance is via a safe walking route

The site map does not have to be a formal drawing but can be marked by hand, as long as the scale is accurate and the distances are measured correctly

[edit] Typical evidence

Marked up site map showing route and distance to amenities

Photos of amenities

[edit] Applicable Schemes

The guidelines collated in this ISD aim to support sustainable best practice in the topic described. This issue may apply in multiple BREEAM schemes covering different stages in the life of a building, different building types and different year versions. Some content may be generic but scheme nuances should also be taken into account. Refer to the comments below and related articles to this one to understand these nuances. See this document for further guidelines.

BRE Global does not endorse any of the content posted and use of the content will not guarantee the meeting of certification criteria.

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