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BREEAM Enhancing site ecology


[edit] Aim and benefits

To encourage enhancement in the ecology of the site post development.

[edit] When to consider

Criteria 1 of this credit required a Suitably Qualified Ecologist to be appointed by the end of RIBA Stage 1 or equivalent.

During RIBA Stage 2, the ecologist must conduct a site visit/survey, and produce a report.

During RIBA Stage 1, the ecologist will likely only provide very high level advice. During stage 2 hoever, they’re likely to provide detailed ecological recommendations based on their site survey.

[edit] Step by step guidance

Prior/during RIBA stage 2 - ensure a Suitably Qualified Ecologist is appointed

RIBA stage 4 - a BREEAM compliant report from the ecologist to be ready. Preferably the ecologist can use the BRE’s Guidance on relating ecology reports template, which is available on knowledge base

Client/contractor to confirm commitment to imply ecologist’s ‘additional’ recommendations

Refer to BREEAM Minimising impact on existing site ecology for more information

[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance

[edit] Tools and resources

Knowledge Base - Ecology

BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 Issue 5.0: LE 04 Enhancing Site Ecology

[edit] Tips and best practice

[edit] Typical evidence

Design Stage

  • Confirmation that the ecologist was appointed prior to RIBA Stage 1 and that they meet the definition of a Suitably Qualified Ecologist. Where appointed at a later stage, the ecologist must confirm that this has not hindered their ability to make recommendations or maximise potential ecological enhancement.
  • Copy the Ecologist’s Report or completed GN13 template listing the ecologist’s recommendations for ecological enhancement and calculations to show the increase in plant species from the existing to the proposed site.
  • Landscape/site plans for the existing and proposed site
  • Written confirmation from the project team that the recommendations of the ecologist will be included within the final design.

Post Construction Stage

  • As built landscape plans
  • Assessor site inspection/photos showing the recommendations and planting schemes have been implemented.
  • Where the landscape is not complete at the time of the inspection, due to phasing or it not being an appropriate planting season, written confirmation that any planting will be completed within 18months from the completion of the development.

[edit] Applicable Schemes

The guidelines collated in this ISD aim to support sustainable best practice in the topic described. This issue may apply in multiple BREEAM schemes covering different stages in the life of a building, different building types and different year versions. Some content may be generic but scheme nuances should also be taken into account. Refer to the comments below and related articles to this one to understand these nuances. See this document for further guidelines.

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