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Appliances and features to make properties stand out to tenants


[edit] Introduction

Do you want to ensure the tenant demand in your property (or prospective flat) stays at a steady flow? Take a look at this checklist of some of the important items, amenities and appliances that you should make sure your property has covered to reach its full potential. From the expected staples to added bonuses that are not as necessary, this should give you some inspiration.

[edit] Reliable internet connection

A solid, reliable internet connection is an absolute necessity for students in the modern-day, and so if investing in student accommodation this should be fully set up. University courses and studies are increasingly done online nowadays, and so many young people will surprisingly value this resource as a large contributing factor to their move. A good place to start would be by running a coverage checker in your area from one of the many broadband providers.

If looking into student accommodation, take inspiration from the city-centre apartments and studio flats from investment companies such as RW Invest. Their efficient, space-saving designs take into consideration the hectic schedule of the student and young professional demographic - interconnected and with minimalist décor.

Top Tip – this one is particularly important for those with a property that has multiple rooms, or one with thick walls. Once broadband has been successfully installed, with routers and hubs set up, make sure the in-home signal is strong enough. This can be checked using a computer, or even a smartphone app called ‘SpeedTest’.

There’s nothing worse than having patchy or inconsistent internet, and so if it appears the performance is better in some rooms than others then it might be worth installing some quick solutions. Wi-Fi boosters are relatively cheap and boost the internet signal around the property to help it reach the far corners of each room, and powerline adapters can be a great help in creating separated pockets of the internet for those with multiple tenants (and thus devices) living under one roof.

[edit] White Goods

As a general rule of thumb for apartments and rental properties, amenities and fixtures such as fridges, washing machines and more are not required, but they should be. For a lot of tenants, having the apartment furnished and ready to be lived in from day one is an attractive prospect, as it takes some of the pressure off on moving day. Additionally, having control of specific appliances rather than ones purchased by the tenant will also make it a lot easier should something go wrong. This will ensure a level of quality and reduce the risk of damages from unexpected breakdowns, as well as ensure a better understanding of warranty terms.

[edit] Smart tech

Having advanced electronics and fancy bells and whistles may not seem as much of a priority as some of the other stuff. Perhaps this is a little superfluous? But it is a great way of showing potential tenants that the property has modern trimmings. Smart lighting and home integration are impressive quirks to demo during a viewing, and modern security additions will give tenants peace of mind in a new location. Investing in this sort of stuff initially will increase the cost, but it will also showcase the property as premium to tenants.

Tip – if it is possible to install them in a non-garish, modern way, eco-friendly alternative energy sources such as solar panels can not only save landlords some money in the long term, but they can highlight modern sensibilities in properties and entice tenants.

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