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Top Construction Apps For 2019

Here are the top 8 construction apps for 2019:


[edit] Leveler

If you’re working as a self-employed construction worker, then Leveler could be the perfect app for you. It can give you free estimates and help with invoices, all completely on-the-go. Create great proposals that could end up winning your more jobs with this simple and easy to use app. There’s also a pro version that allows collaboration with other members of the crew. You can all access job data, take photos, and swap notes.

[edit] FallSafety

This is a safety management and compliance app to help protect employees on site. It includes advanced technology that can detect falls. The app features two distinctive alarms. The first alarm gives you 45 seconds to say you’re okay, and the second one emits a siren that will help rescuers find your exact location.

[edit] DeWalt Mobile Pro

This is an all-in-one calculator tool for professionals in the construction industry. Fundamentally, it’s a scientific calculator – but it’s so much more than that. It offers templates for area, length, volume, stud estimations and concrete tabs. If you’re not confident in your maths ability, then this app is definitely worth downloading.

[edit] RoomScan

Going hand-in-hand with developments in virtual reality, this app allows you to draw floor plans by simply brushing your phone or tablet along a wall. It creates approximate floor plans in seconds, with wall lengths and floor area. Even more complex rooms can be mapped out with this innovative app. Once you’ve got your scan, you can also add notes and photos.

[edit] Timeero

Time management is a crucial part of the job for any construction worker. However, there’s nothing easy about managing a project. This time tracking app records the clock in and clock out times of employees. It sounds wondrously simple, but it can be very beneficial for site managers.

[edit] Fieldlens

Fieldlens is a project and activity management app designed to improve the communication of problems and issues that arise during a project. Designed by some of the best app developers London has, this app does an amazing job of allowing users to move away from the traditional spreadsheet approach to documenting activity on a project.

[edit] NoteVault

NoteVault is a mobile reporting solution that gives construction workers the option to produce reports for projects. Creating detailed and comprehensive reports can be particularly time consuming for workers. This app uses advanced recordkeeping technology with it’s voice-based software to create professional reports.

[edit] PlanGrid

For many constriction workers, collaboration is a huge part of their day job. PlanGrid is an app all about communication. It lets users share project drawings to all involved parties for the project. From the architects to engineers – every worker will have access to the latest blueprint documents.

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This is a very useful list, thanks for sharing it! I just want to add another application. It is It allows workers to easily upload and authenticate training documentation to be used while ordering an SST Card. It helps to save time! Safety is everything for builders, take care of yourself

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