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Senior living facilities


When it comes to renovating a senior living facility, there are a few things which must be considered, such as wide space living areas, inclusion of ramps and lifts, soft edge furniture, appliances that are easy to use and so on.

The main priority is generally safety and security, but there are a few design elements that can be included:

  1. Have a fixed timeline. When it comes to renovating or reconstructing an existing senior living facility it is crucial that the construction companies have a proper plan in place since it might be difficult for senior citizens to adjust to new places or schedule changes.
  2. Talk to the residents. Before commencing the renovation process, it is important to talk to the people who live and work there. If anything is impractical or unnecessary, then it can be removed from the design. Moreover, it fosters an environment of trust and reassures the inhabitants that they are in safe hands.
  3. Put comfort over style. There are a few design elements which are necessary when it comes to senior living facilities. For instance, chairs should offer comfort and support, toilets should have senior appropriate heights and handles, wheelchair access should be a priority and necessities should be close by.
  4. Take advantage of technology. Technology can be incorporated as means for ensuring safety through motion sensors (used to alert the staff of unexpected resident activity), digital medication dispensers and devices used for increased communication and entertainment purposes.
  5. Maintain the facility adequately. Proper facility management is important for the continued safety and comfort of the inhabitants.

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