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Security after COVID-19


[edit] Introduction

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the world in ways in which nobody could have imagined. The majority of businesses and companies have had to adapt to a new way of operating, whether that be from home or through temporary closure. As the world begins to adapt, how will business security change?

[edit] How will security technology adapt?

Technology provides sophisticated security systems which can be invaluable to businesses when it comes to keeping their premises and their employees safe. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, technological security systems are likely to become the norm as they can be developed in line with social distancing rules and other government guidelines.

Systems such as biometrics, contactless security systems and even virtual reality could all be utilised as they provide a safer method of security that minimises the risk of human contact. The rise in use of mobile phones and smart technology could also be utilised as a contactless form of identification.

Simpler forms of security (such as CCTV cameras) can also be effective in monitoring a workplace and providing a safer environment. In addition, there are security cameras available that can monitor a person’s body heat, allowing users to catch any warning signs of illness before a problem arises.

[edit] How will physical security adapt?

The world of physical security will largely remain unchanged. However, it is likely that these systems will be in greater demand and may be paired with more technological solutions.

Traditional access control measures (such as barriers, gates and turnstiles) can be useful in monitoring and controlling large crowds and queues, particularly when social distancing rules are in place.

There may also be additional demand for human-based security systems (such as security guards and concierge or gatehouse security).These approaches can be utilised to restrict and monitor access and prevent additional outbreaks.


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