Last edited 06 Jan 2019

Problems on site

If a problem occurs on site, the architect’s immediate actions should be:


Contractual situation 1: Example - collapsed wall

A full investigation must be carried out to determine who’s fault it was:

- Contact PI insurer’s case to notify them of a circumstance that may lead to a claim

- Advise other consultants to do the same

- If the damage was caused by a specified peril, it will be covered by works insurance

- If it was a design fault, will be covered by PI insurance

Contractual situation 2: example - a fire

-The contractor will restore the damaged work, restore and repair any site materials damaged and proceed with carrying out the completion of the works

-The restoration of the loss or damage shall be treated as if it were a variation required by an architects instruction

-The contractor may be entitled to an extension of time and loss and/or expense

Contractual situation 3: example - archaeological items found

- All items found on site are the property of the employer

- The architect should contact the archaeology department of the borough or county council to i- inform them of the discovery and ask advise.

- The architect shall issue instruction as to what is to be done, which may require that the contractor permit the examination, excavation and removal of the items by a third party

- The architect shall ascertain any entitlement the contractor has to loss and/or expense