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Lifton home lifts


[edit] Introduction

Home lifts are no longer just for the super-rich. New town-house-style homes with several floors, high specification homes and inter-generational homes are all driving the demand for more versatile and attractive lifts.

A domestic lift can increase the longevity of a family home. It makes it a more flexible and practical space for all needs and ages. It also provides a fast way of travelling around a multi-storey property or a means to future-proof your home.

The high-end home lift from Lifton ( is unique as it delivers not only access to all areas in the home, but also aesthetic appeal.

It provides homeowners with the opportunity to experience the luxury of a home lift which is elegant in design, but also exceptional in engineering terms, with quiet, energy efficient and space-saving features.

[edit] The Lifton Home Lift

The Lifton Home Lift, from its conception, was designed to be part of the family home. With this in mind, it is created with elegant and refined materials to address a practical solution in the most attractive way possible.

The minimalist look and feel is intentionally timeless which means, however you chose to style your home from season to season, the Lifton lift just blends in.

Styled and engineered in Germany, it has curved lines and a soft, warm grey aluminium finish with a matching glazed lift car. It features atmospheric blue-toned LED lights at the top and base of the car for ease of access at night.

When the lift is stationery upstairs it virtually ‘disappears’ leaving only two slim ‘stilts’ which span ground floor to first floor ceiling. When it is located downstairs, a small piece of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that upstairs floor surfaces flow as normal.

[edit] Rediscover your freedom

Lifton is putting the power back into the hands of the homeowner by offering the style, comfort, and convenience of a residential elevator at the touch of a button.

The lift is built to add value to a property and not put pressure on existing resources such as electricity or space and it helps preserve the most precious commodity of all - time.

Once installed, two passengers can travel up together and the lift operates with hold-to-run controls, as well as the additional convenience of two remote controls, should you need to call the lift from another floor.

With no noisy hydraulics or load bearing walls required, Lifton is supremely versatile and can be transported in segments and built into almost any location in the home.

It has one of the smallest footprints on the marketplace and glides between floors in under 30 seconds. The domestic lift plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13amp power socket – just like a normal appliance and travels along its own self-supporting dual rails.

A typical installation takes just one day.

[edit] Ongoing appraisal of home building needs

Building and renovating future-proofed homes which are flexible enough to move with the ever-changing landscape of housing needs will continue to be a challenge. But by integrating a home lift into project plans, every traditional or contemporary living space can become a versatile, inter-generational, home and give the home owner peace of mind for years to come.

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