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Handing over possession of the construction site to the contractor

On commencement of the main contract to construct the works, the client hands over possession of the site (and contractor's work area(s)) to the contractor.

This handover procedure may take place at a formal handover meeting which is an opportunity to:

  • Handover keys.
  • Discuss issues related to continued occupation of any part of the site (particularly on a refurbishment project) such as access.
  • Discuss security arrangements and emergency procedures.
  • Issue any significant information about the site (such as site services, tree preservation orders etc).
  • Discuss ongoing maintenance, operation and protection issues regarding existing structures, landscape or other features to be retained.
  • Discuss noise and dust reduction measures.
  • Verify insurance provisions.
  • Read meters.
  • Provide contact details for key personnel on both sides.
  • Discuss access for client's personnel and representatives or other client contractors.

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