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Drones as a Service DaaS



[edit] Introduction

The general term 'drone' refers to robotic vehicles. However, it has come to be associated more specifically with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). These devices range in size from full-scale aeroplanes or helicopters, to small hand-held vehicles similar to the model aircraft used for recreational purposes.

[edit] Drones in construction

Drones have been developed for a number of civil applications. In the construction industry, they can give relatively easy access to large or difficult sites or to large, complex or tall structures.

Inspection attachments can include cameras, laser scanners, lidar scanners, thermal cameras or a combination of such sensors.

Their set up costs are generally low compared with other types of equipment. However, there are dangers associated with flying aircraft, as well as public concerns about privacy. In addition, drones have limited payload capacity and may be difficult to operate in poor weather conditions, or where there is poor visibility.

[edit] Financial considerations

In some instances, strict requirements for operating drones make it necessary for companies to use service providers. In these situations, organisations may wish to hire the equipment and supporting expertise on an ‘as needed’ basis. This arrangement, sometimes referred to Drones as a Service (or DaaS), allows clients to forgo investing in the purchase of drone equipment and paying to train their own personnel to the necessary level. Instead, DaaS is designed to be available on demand, so clients only pay for the technology when it is used.

DaaS includes equipment, services and software selected by the customer. It can be paid for as needed or on a monthly subscription basis (or other type of pre-arranged schedule). Some DaaS providers also offer rent-to-own options, which could be a possibility for smaller firms (or new companies) that require additional time to evaluate an investment in the technology or have cash flow considerations.

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