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Cycle storage

For the purposes of the Home Quality Mark, cycles may be stored in any of the following locked structures:

Communal cycle storage should meet the following criteria:

  • Spaces should be in racks that are covered overhead, and the racks should be fixed to a permanent structure (such as a building or hardstanding).
  • Where the location is external to the home, access from the bike storage area to a pedestrian or cycle route is not permitted through the home.

The distance between each cycle rack and surrounding obstructions (e.g. walls) should allows for bikes to be easily stored and accessed.

Cycle racks must be a minimum of:

  • 2m long × 0.75m wide for one bike.
  • 2m long × 1.5m wide for two bikes.
  • 2m long × 2.5m wide for four bikes.
  • If hanging systems or proprietary systems are provided, the space requirements are flexible but the system must allow each cycle to be removed independently.

Cycle storage in communal locations should have adequate lighting that must be controlled during daylight hours.

Ref Home Quality Mark One, Technical Manual SD239, England, Scotland & Wales, published by BRE in 2018.

--BRE Group

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