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Communication and document control - the way to project success

Communication and document control; the way to project success

[edit] Abstract and conclusions

The purpose of this dissertation was to explore what is not or has not been studied before with regards to document control, to add to the existing knowledge and to suggest a way forward that would benefit the industry.

Prior literature was used to identify existing studies, document control, Web Based Project Management Systems (WBPMS), Project Assisted Management Systems (P-ASM) and trains of thought within the construction industry. An interview / questionnaire was designed to gather perceptions and identify frustrations among professionals to answer how the industry can improve by avoiding conflict, reducing time and to identify what is missing or not being recorded.

[edit] Findings

The findings / results showed that there was a genuine frustration from most respondents with regards to communications, trust and honesty. The main finding was that there is no standard filing system, even across organisations from project to project. There appears to be the need for standardisation with regards to filing systems on site and throughout the construction industry.

The emergence of Web Based Project Management Systems (WBPMS) and Project Assisted Management Systems (P-AMS) along with the wider industry could embrace a standard filing system which could be taught in universities and colleges nationally and globally. A standard filing system could be used from the smallest project, to mega project lasting years. The system might be called Standard Document Control for Construction and Civil Engineering Projects (SDCCCEP).

A standard filing system could be taught in the colleges and universities. A graduate, trainee or apprentice could start on site and know where for example the Health and safety file is, where they could find emergency numbers for the client or services such as water, gas, electricity and so on.

A further recommendation would be to collect sample standard forms and templates in use, select the best and submit them to a professional body for their recommendation as the Industries Standard Forms which can have a text box header for company logo’s address etc.

One respondent to Q14 How would you or what would you recommend for improving communication between the customer and the contractor and or the whole supply chain? Answered: “Not applicable as systems are constantly evolving” which the researcher acknowledges to be true, and so suggests templates could be standard but might evolve as and when required across the industry.

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