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Cable tie

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A cable tie is a long, thin strap made from nylon or stainless steel, which can be pulled into a loop and tightened to hold together cables, wires and other objects. It is a very simple design that is extremely effective, easy to use and very versatile.

Available in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses, cable ties usually have a pointed end which – once the tie is wrapped wound the items to be tied together – inserts into a gate at the other end. When pulled through the gate by the desired amount, the gate teeth lock into the serrations on the tape allowing numerous tightening positions.

Typical lengths for cable ties include:

  • 110mm x 2.5mm
  • 185mm x 4.8mm
  • 300mm x 4.8mm
  • 370mm x 7.6mm

Other lengths and widths are available according to the manufacturer.

Cable ties can be used for a myriad of tying applications which include:

  • Securing car hose pipes.
  • Keeping wires secured unobtrusively to steelwork.
  • A host of gardening applications.

Cable ties can generally be released by cutting the strap, but pushing a release button (on some varieties) or inserting a tool such as a screwdriver between the teeth and the gate.

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