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Building Safety Registers

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[edit] The building register

In the context of the Building Safety Act, "the Register" most commonly refers to the Building Safety Register, that is a register of buildings, in particular high-rise residential buildings in England, which need to be registered with the Building Safety Regulator.

The Building Safety Register is a central database or register established under the Building Safety Act to record information about high-rise residential buildings (defined as buildings 18 meters or taller, or with certain risk factors) within scope of the Act.

The precise details and requirements regarding the Building Safety Register may vary depending on regulations and guidance issued under the Building Safety Act. However, its establishment is a key component of the new regulatory framework aimed at enhancing building safety standards and protecting occupants from the risks associated with high-rise residential buildings.

In turn there are also principal designer registers and principal contractor registers which make note of persons whom have provided sufficient evidence to deemed competence in their duty holder role. These requirements are obligatory for all buildings with specific competence requirements for high rise buildings ( or higher risk buildings).

[edit] Accountable person registers

There are other registers that have been developed in connection with the Building Safety Act, in particular relating to evidenced competency of accountable persons, as is required by the Act. These currently include principle designer and principle contractor registers.

The RIBA seems to have developed the first principal designer register, followed by CIAT and then APS. For more information about these the registers as well as opportunities for principal contractors offered by CIOB see the following articles:

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other certification schemes and registers. We welcome contributions to this list as the schemes develop.

[edit] The standards required for the registers

The definitions of accountable persons and the required competencies for roles such as designer and contractor or principle designer and contractor, as well and building managers are set out in:

These standards around competence were funded by the government Built Environment Competence programme and as a result are freely available for download.

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